Aura Treatments

In the course of our lives, many conscious and unconscious beliefs have been stored in the aura. This way the aura drags events into our lives, that are according to our thinking, feeling and belief system. This means: We attract what we think. If we think positively, we attract positive people, things and situations in our lives. If we think negatively, we attract exactly these negative people, things and situations in our lives.


Therefore, it is important to regularly cleanse the aura to remove these beliefs from the aura. After a deep aura cleansing you may feel as light, relieved and pure as a baby. You can feel then how much you have been carrying on your shoulders during your whole life. Also, projections from the outside, of fellow human beings, parents, colleagues, partners, etc. remain stuck in the outer layers of the aura. In addition, negative energies or blockages in the aura can lead to a feeling of aggression, sadness, depression, or other negative emotional state. These can also be removed with the aura cleansing and thus lead to greater well-being.


Depending on the depth of treatment, an aura cleansing takes between 10 and 60 minutes. The price is 1 EUR per minute.


Short Aura Cleansing 10 Minutes:  10 EUR

Deep Aura Cleansing about 60 minutes:  60 EUR (not possible via distant healing)



An energetic treatment with Universal White Time Healing serves to promote self-healing and the improvement of well-being and is not a substitute for diagnosis and medical treatment of diseases by a doctor or health practitioner. Therefore health problems should always be medically investigated before an energetic healing session can take place.


1 Gilt für Lieferungen in folgendes Land: Deutschland. Lieferzeiten für andere Länder und Informationen zur Berechnung des Liefertermins siehe hier: Liefer- und Zahlungsbedingungen
2 inkl. MwSt.