Akashic Channeling

An Akashic Channeling is a Channeling from the Akashic Records. In my spiritual work as psychic medium I also use the universal access to the database of the Akashic Records. I have the opportunity to retrieve individual information from previous or parallel past lives of my clients. Often this look into the Akashic Records is very helpful to better understand your current difficulties in life by healing karmic conditions and move on easier according to your soul plan.


An Akashic Channeling can be helpful in addition to an oracle card reading. In a special meditation, I can access this universal database of the akashics, in which all information is stored of past, present and future lives. I then ask for a specific and determined message or information for my clients that can be of help right now. After a few seconds, I can see a movement of pictures in front of my third eye, accompanied by emotions, sounds or and inner knowing about the message transmitted.


Often there are pictures from past lives, but I also receive current and future pictures or metaphoric messages. Thanks to my strong clairsentience and claircogniscience I can quickly develop a context and meaning for the client from the images. Especially in relation to people who play a role for the client in past and present life, such as parents, children, love partners, bosses, colleagues, etc. I can add information of particular important karmic situations repeating themselves in this current life.


Among those karmic situations there are often karmic blockages of one´s life purpose: it was often practiced in previous incarnations but may have lead spiritually gifted people to very negative experiences and traumas (like punishment or poorness because of practicing their spiritual life purpose). These and other karmic blockages can easily be detected by an Akashic Channeling. 


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