How I became what I AM

I was born in September 1972, into a family with seven children. Even in my youth I was very interested in alternative medicine and psychology, but also in modern media, journalism and communications. To date, both hit the heart in my chest. After high school I completed two apprenticeships in the medical and alternative medicine area and decided afterwards to study Applied Media and Communication Science with a focus on online media. It was followed by several years in media management and as a head of a digital media department in an international stock market company.

But then came the time that I should complete my life purpose. A deep desire caught up with me to do something more meaningful, to work directly with and for people to finally be active as a healer. This inner longing then followed very quickly some changes in my life. I got in touch with angels, archangels and ascended masters, who helped me to find this different way, fulfilling my life purpose. I realized that I could very much read out of angel oracle cards - for me and for others.


In September 2012, I spontaneously launched my youtube channel "DasEngelOrakel" (The Angel Oracle) to regularly publish collective card readings on current events. Quickly, the channel enjoyed very positive response and this encouraged me to keep going. I soon was told that many people want to have a consultation with angel oracle cards readings from me.


With a passion for spiritual healing, I searched in parallel for an effective method with which one can treat the aura and chakras energetically. I found the highly effective and applicable method of the Universal White Time Healing. Today I am a trained Universal White Time healer and White Time teacher, working intensively with these energetic healing method and teaching people who want to be trained to become a successful energy healer themselves.


I am a member of the german umbrella organization for spiritual healing “Dachverband Geistiges Heilen”.



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